10 Mistakes Tourists Make – Island Of Krk

This is also time of the year when all the people start to look for where are they going on summer vacations. After, working in tourism for a 10 seasons I want to share with you 10 common mistakes that people make when they travel to Island of Krk.

I lived most of my life on the Island of Krk and I have had seen a lot. Tourism is my major and I love working with people and help them to have a great time on the island.

1. Toll when you are arriving with a car/motorcycle/ camper

Most of the tourist arriving on the vacations with a car. For me this my favorite way to go on a vacation because you have freedom to choose when you want to make break for coffee / lunch or something else. Island of Krk is connected with a mainland with the bridge. When you pay the toll bridge you have paid for enters and exit. For a lot of tourist that is confusing because I didn’t seen anywhere a sing to tell you that.

2. Airport Rijeka

The most confusing part is when you are coming with a plane on the airport Rijeka. First shook to the people is when they get information you are on the island not on the mainland. Airport is a bit in retro style and it’s small, there is no way you can get lost there. But, Airport Rijeka is situated on the Island of Krk. You can get by bus to the Rijeka or with a taxi. Have on your mind if you are coming in a small group of 4-6 people that maybe taxi is a better option. Ask for the prices directly not on the info point, trust me. If you are going further like on the Island of Cres, please check out schedule before on the autotrans.hr. Why? Because maybe it’d be better to use a taxi to the ferry, there aren’t many buses to the next island that are going directly.

3. Public transportation

Like I have said in the previous paragraph. Public transportation like buses do not go all the time in every direction. On some part of island there is only two in a day. The tickets are not cheap in my opinion so be aware of that too, especially when you are in a group.

4. Chrystal Clear Sea

Last season, I had worked in one luxury hotel which is situated in part of the island where is well-known by healthy mud. Often, tourist have looked there for the clear sea. This has inspires me to say Croatia has very clear water only Island of Krk has minimum five places with a blue flag beaches ( clear sea). I personal would recommend to the parents with young kids to go on that part because the sea level is very short, you can walk 2 km and the sea would be up to your knee maybe – Čižići . I think that can be a fun experience.

5. Pebble beaches

The majority of the beaches is pebble beaches but some of them have sand when you go into the sea. If you are looking for a sandy beach, you need to go with a car on the beach St. Marko ( Vrbnik). Baška is well-known for it beach but has sand when you star going in the sea and outside is a pebble. There are also possibility in the majority of them to rent loungers, umbrellas (sunshade), boats, kayaks etc.

6. Which part is the right part of the island for you

The good thing about the island is if you are with a car, you can go everywhere and everything is pretty close. In case, you have booked the accommodation in Baška then you would have approx .40 min of the driving to the bridge if it’s not weekended and the pick of the season. In my personal experience if you are young people and want to come on the island then I’d recommend town Krk or Baška. Be aware that the island is a family island, it’s a perfect choice if you are young family or you are cycling fan you have road all around the island. In my opinion the Njivice have the most beautiful sunset on the whole island and the most beautiful sunrise have Čižići.

7. Party on the island

According to the previous paragraph you can see that there is not a possibility to party like on Ibiza. In case, you are looking for that kind of vacation the ideal place for that is Novalja. Or you can look for Music Fest in Split, Umag or Zagreb. We have like a beach bars but it never goes crazy.

8. Leaving on the weekends during the high season

This is highly important note if you need to catch a plane and if you are going by taxi, in case that the driver suggests to you that it would be better to go in a bit earlier I’d listen to them. It has happened before, in the pick of the season and there is a mass of outgoing guests and if you are stuck you will be there maybe for hours. It has happened to me when I was working 10 km from my home, and I was stuck in the traffic yam for almost two hours, and I was thinking really? I just want to go home in my bed, but you need to wait there is no other way.

9. National Park Krka

As long, I’m in this industry. This is the most common mistake that tourist make. Island of Krk don’t have a waterfowls. National Park Krka is near Šibenik (Dalmatia). I know it is only one letter different. There is one place by the name Soline and another Solin. Soline is on the island of Krk and Solin is near Split. I know this must be very confusing for the tourists.

10. Shopping time

If you are looking for, big shopping malls. You will find those in town Rijeka. The names you are looking for is Tower center Rijeka and ZTC. In case, you are wanting to go by bus it’s easier to go to Tower Center Rijeka and after you can go to the center of Rijeka for more stores like H&M, Zara etc.


I hope I have had helped you with these tips. If you have more question about it, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to help you any kinds of advises. Have you ever been on the Island of Krk? Are you planing to go there?

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  1. This is a great article, it’s always so useful to know grounded information from locals/ hospitality professionals before visiting a spot. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    1. Yes, because most of them think it’s a bad marketing. I don’t like to see on people face sadness or disappointment because they read something wrong. I always want to be real with people in general.

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