7 things you must know if you are working in tourism

Tourism, travel that are magical words for my ears. I’m in that business for a 10 years. From my high school I like to be in this industry, someone would say it’s too dynamic you must be and follow this industry 24 hours in one day you must be in it and if you don’t love it you will lose your mind in it. My opinion is that if you work every day with a people and you must know how to read their wishes in a small amount of word that is exhaustive. If something going on in your life you can’t show it that’s really noticeable.

So, here is the thing you can’t be and work in tourism if you don’t love it. You must speak, by that I mean you will show your knowledge and you got no time to Google it plus you never know how is in front of you. When you speak you must know everything about the place you are in and caught their attention. Each day is like learning from the start. This is a very dynamic profession, the change can happened in just a second. When is the pick of the season there is no rest the best way is that you don’t even thing about it because you will work all day even if you are home the bosses will call you if there is a problem with some guest and you have ability to think fast. Trust me, you don’t want to nervous guest in front of you. Sometimes situation can get really ugly if you are receptionist. Why? Well, you will be wall in between two fires (boss vs guest) and there is not some kind of book that you can learn it. Keep it cool and find a solution.

Every year you will run into at least one person that will have a million questions, to me that is something really cute you will always learn something new of find out. Don’t roll your eye on that kind of guest sooner or later you will be thankful for them. That’s leading me to a lesson be nice and kind help every one of them and give your everything to let them know you care about them and you are thankful that you have the chance to host them or anything else. In case you successfully earn trust of your guest they will come back, don’t make mistakes like lying or raising your voice always say a true information.

Probably one of the most important thing beside that you must always do your job as professions, you also must secure your guests that they can contact you anytime they are on the first place. Although they aren’t always right you can’t tell them you are not right and I won’t do that.

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