A few things you didn’t know about me

A few things you didn't know about me 1Lately, I’m thinking a lot what to write about. As I was looking at the old post I realized that I mostly discuss about beauty and fashion. I’m loving to write about it, but I can feel that I wanted more. So, last few days I was surfing the YouTube and all kinds of blogs to try to find out what I have missed. A few days later I was like I must see some videos of ShameIess Maya I follow her forever and I love her videos. Maybe this is freaky, but I was watching the beginning of her journey and I found out what I forgot about I didn’t expose myself enough.

I don’t have a lot of friends

By this, I mean I do have a lot of acquaintances. If you are wondering why is that? During my childhood I was bullied and I had a hard time of putting myself out there I rather be in this small circle of people. Whenever I told myself you can do it people that I thought that are my friends, I was wrong. As you all know, my job is being around people and talk to them questioning them, when is time that people ask about me you may got a filing that I’m ice-cold and that is off limits. Yes I’m working on it.

I’m pretty stubborn

This is not always a good thing I know that. Over the years I got along way especially when I did have anyone to talk to. What I have learned from my stubbornness is that I can do everything, nothing is impossible.  If you really want something you can accomplish it  one way or the other.

I pretty good self learner

I didn’t  always have the money to pay that I learn something that I have feeling passionate about so I would do my research.  For example how did I learn do my  own nails. I do know that they are not professionally done, but they are done like I wanted to be.  When  I teach myself English from scratch I was like I’ll know you I don’t want to be shame of not knowing. If you do have a will, then you will find your way to do it. It has always been that way.


I love new tech stuff. I have computer pretty early and I was loving to make something in paint or play cards. I remember that I was always research something how I can do it. I never broken my phone, laptop, camera nothing. When I was little I was going with my school on the trip and I was asking my parents if I can bring camera with me and my father told me to keep the camera as the eye in the head and I was like OK I promise and that sentence is always on my mind. When I was in high school everyone tough that I was going on some IT University, but as much I love technology I love tourism more and be around people and learning new stuff.

I love to cook

While I was in college I was living away from my parents and I have loved to cook unusual thing and somehow I manage to do it right every single time.

I really hope you like this short post about me. What do you like to do? Are you shameless on you blog, vlog or in your life? Feel free to use commenting section below.



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    1. Technology is so much fun ^_^ . When some people tell me how did you do that? I have tried the same thing and nothing has happened, then I’m joking you did introduce yourself well to the computer

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