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Afrodita product 1I didn’t realize it’s been a while since I have reviewed some product. So, today I’ll talk about Afrodita, this product have grown on me lately and I would recommend it to everyone to try it. I want to let you know that all products that I have reviewed, I  bought them personally. I’ll always give you my honest opinion.

Recently, I was on a coffee with my godmother. We’ve talked about everything. In that matter we have discussed about skin, products and so on, she has told me about this oil shower gel. In the first moment I was like I’m good with my brand, as I have mentioned in the earlier  I have sensitive skin and Balea and Nivea definitively doesn’t work for me. When I got home I research a bit about it and I saw that Afrodita have those kinds of products too, I was so happy and decided the next time when I go in shopping I’ll search up that product.

In case, you have dry skin this is perfect product for you, this line on products’ comes in various combinations of oils. I have chosen jojoba oil and she butters the bottle is 250 ml and cost approx. 2 € in DM stores in Croatia (I’m sure that Afrodita has their products all over the world).

Design of the product it is very simple as you can see in some yellow and gold color. Texture of the product is very light and liquid, be careful when you wanted to put it a bit on your hand, first time  it might come out a bit more than you wanted. You don’t need to put a lot of products, small amount will be enough while it doesn’t foam very and that is completely normal don’t worry.

Ingredients:Afrodita product 2


I’m using this product for a while and I gotta tell it is awesome. After shower the skin is so soft, smooth, and the next morning you have a pleasant smell. I forgot to mention that this product is paraben, paraffin silicon free, isn’t that great!? I’ve noticed when I take a shower after very long day and busy of course, my body is more relaxed. I didn’t find the bigger bottle of 250 ml of this oil shower gel line I hope in the future will be possible to buy it in a bigger bottle.

P.S. If someone tries to find a gift or some addition with a gift I’ll highly recommend this product you can’t go wrong with it.

Did you already try this or similar product? Did you like it? Feel free to leave comments below.

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