Background of my journey

That is exactly what I did in order to make myself better and be healthier me. As I have said before, this is not my first time to go on fitness journey. I don't have a problem with eating healthy, just the opposite. My problem is that I am not in the move enough.

I do know that is not excuse, when I say I'm not active enough because I'm leaving in the very small surrounding ( I see it more as village). I didn't always be fat or have like a big issue. I was pretty normal weight. I was always active kid, love the sports, going in the gymnastics, rhythms etc. Big struggle for me has started in the third grade of high school when I have had an accident on the PE. I almost torn down my ligaments knuckle. A few weeks after I was pretty close to 100 kg ( around 220 Ibs) and I am 170 cm (approx. 5.58).

I didn't manage to lose too much weight before collage. I was so depress during that time when someone has even mentioned shopping I was like O.K I will go with you, but I won't buy a thing. I was so ashamed of my body and myself ( I didn't show that from outside because kids and people are mean). I knew everything the names they have called me, even other ask "my friends" to not invite me to go out or birthdays ( I know that are not friends). But, not for long I didn't let them to treat me that way, I rather be alone without any friends then have the fake ones.

You need to respect yourself first in other to other treat you with respect.

In 2012, during the summer time I applied for the job on the animation team, that was a pretty big thing for me. I love to be around the people especially in case I need to babysit kids. Other positive thing was improving my knowledge of the languages. And only thing I have increase to be more active ( learning choreography for the shows, aqua aerobic and other activities that animation those in the resorts. After that summer, I have looked like this.

Summer 2012

Yes, I shouldn't stop but I did when I have finished the collage and move back home I stopped being active again. That is my mistake. Last winter I have struggled so much that I have close myself. At first, my BF was a bit confused and I didn't even noticed that I was depressed. He has woken me up, and said pull yourself together don't whine do something about it. In August, I have come in peace with my body. Maybe, I can't be size two, but I can be in the shape and embrace my body shape the best I can. I have always had a bit bigger thighs, but and smaller waist. I challenge myself for 30 days.

More you can read in my previouse post here.


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