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After beauty box from with delivering of beauty boxes has started in Croatia - TESTERTESTERBOX-4 BOX. The Tester box is completely different from page This page is only for the beauty box, shopping their products and, of course, reviewing the products.

The main reason why have I ordered this beauty box is to compare it with the beauty box from the You can see the box from your left side. For this beauty box, you can choose between three plans. The first plan consists of payment hole year for your beauty boxes, it costs 1 000 kn (approx. 133 €). You got 2 boxes are gratis. The second payment plan is for subscription of 6 months and the price is 500 kn (approx. 67 €) one box is gratis or if you want just for one month you can pay 100 kn (approx. 13 €). In all of the plans are included 5 products and the shipping.

When I compare it with the first box that I have ordered I do not see much different other than price. This box is 25 kn more expensive than the first one. The brands are similar to the beauty box.

Beside the following products, you get one note with the quote. The products that I got in my beauty box:  😎TESTERBOX-3

  • SVR HYDRALIANE CREME - highly concentrated in trace elements, this perfect kind of water is the exclusive innovation behind Hydraliane, the hydrating range that replicates the skin’s natural hydration functions. 4 everyday skincare products for instant, intense and long-lasting hydration. As a result, Hydraliane imitates the skin’s ability to hydrate itself, providing moisturisation for a full 24 hours.
  • DUCRAY EXTRA DOUX SHAPOO - this shampoo can be used on the entire family. This shampoo has a gentle formula that protects the scalp, tames the hair, restoring strength, beauty and shine. Its biodegradable formula was made to minimize environmental impact. Does not sting the eyes.
  • SUBRINA PROFESSIONAL PHI REPAIR MASK - Hair mask for damaged hair with moringa oil and keratrix. Intensively restores the inside of the hair as well as its cuticle.
  • BELL FASHION COLOUR - lip gloss


Overall, I'm a little disappointed in the product, because I expected more for 100 kn beauty box and the brands are almost the same like in box. One of the advantages is subscription and you can choose between three of them. I'll be watching both beauty boxes a little bit closer and maybe make more another comparison of them both in the same month.

I wish you all the best in new 2016! Please leave the comment below. If you have some suggestions I'll be happy to read them. :mrgreen:

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