BeautyBlender vs Real Techniques sponge

Hi guys! How are you doing after Christmas? Today I’m going to compare two blending sponges that I have contacted with. In my county everything is coming with delay it is horrible.

But it is what is…

So, let me begin I’m so exacting! One more note BB is for BeautyBlender and RT is for Real Techniques BeautyBlender vs Real Techniques sponge 1

BeautyBlender vs Real Techniques sponge 2

First impression…
My first impression was ooohh look that color I must have it. I could not wait to try it, after I opened the product it has had a very pleasant smell than I’ve found out that I have also cleaning soup with that BeautyBleder that was absolutely awesome surprise. When I have picked up BeautyBlender it was so soft and it has fullness that gives the quality of the product itself. My biggest surprise was when I have put the product under my eyes and bled it I was studding. I have notes when I use it you must put a little bit more product than usual when I’m using my makeup brushes, when I use this blender my makeup application goes a little bit slower than usually.

BeautyBlender vs Real Techniques sponge 3My first impression on RT sponge was OK it is looking kind of cool, but the color didn’t call me like on BeautyBlender. You don’t have an option to buy sponge with a soup unfortunately, it would be kind of cool to compare the soups. It was also a pleasant smell when I have opened the product, but not intensive. The sponge is soft and has also fullness, but not as much as previous product. I like it better this flat side because I could better reach under my eye, around my nose and lips. I have the filing that RT sponge holds more water in it after being drained.


Color of the BeautyBlender it is very attractive and you I’ve felt some positive energy. Design and color just calling you buy me, take me, you must have me. Design is like a rain drop and it is very natural to hold it.

I’m not finding the color so attractive that you wish to have it, but I like the design better because one side of to sponge is flat I think that is very smart and good thinking.
Although I needed to get used to and to patting the product into the skin I am very satisfied with the results. Most of the area under the eyes and around the nose better rate of product into the skin and it seems to me more natural, sponge practice in this part of the face. When I first saw BeautyBlender seemed to me a little to small, but when I read the instructions I have changed my opinion. I put it under running water and then reached its true size, I was like OK with that I can work.

I said before that Real Techniques sponge is a little bit bigger and has a bit different design and it is obviously easy to work with it. I must say one more time I really really love the flat part of this sponge. I didn’t notice some big difference except in this one was more water in it if you don’t do good job to squeeze it well.

Cleaning is easy. I have noticed in the beginning of cleaning from BeautyBlender that lets a little bit of color. It was interesting for me that on the sponge you couldn’t even notice fading of color.

Only difference is that I didn’t notice any fading of color during the cleaning with BeautyBlender soup .

BB and RT
In fact there is more of what we liked about the product (BeautyBlender). I was afraid when I’m wet product to lose tenderness, softness and lightness, but none of it is lost it was the first big plus. How the product does not retain the water, you can squeeze it nice and when you come in contact with skin immediately and evenly Foundation is blending in skin. Top pad allows you to reach the demanding areas around the eyes and nose, while the bottom of the pad I used to blush. What is most important, very nice close at hand when applying makeup. Difference from RT sponge in design and that this one you must squeeze very well. But except that I think it is a really good alternative if you can’t afford it BeautyBlender.

The price is more acceptable in my opinion if you buy two micro BeautyBlenders (than the price is approx. 17 €) and the price for one bigger BeautyBleder is approx. 19€. If you take into account that the sponge does not have a long life for hygienic reasons, cannot be said that a long-term investment, such as for example brushes.

The price is approx. 9 € but it is better than you bought package with two RT sponges because then the price is approx. 16,50 €. I think the price could go a little bit down on both products. Over site the price is approx. 6 € per one sponge if you oder two the price is approx. 10,50 €. But click on the link below and you will get discount over the  :mrgreen:
Where to buy ??
BB – Diviana cosmetics | they have delivery for Slovenia & Croatia
RT sponge – DM / iHerb |iHerb delivery worldwide BeautyBlender vs Real Techniques sponge 4

Which one do you prefer?

If you decide to buy RT sponge you can click on the link iHerb and you will get discount !BeautyBlender vs Real Techniques sponge 5

Happy holidays guys!

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