Blogmas week 1

Like you all know this year is different. One fun fact about me when I have mic and camera in front of me I get so nervous that sometimes I can’t put together the normal sentence. I’m open to try new things and I do a lot more thinks of my comfort zone. Why stop now!? I’m filming every day new vlog until Christmas.

The first day is to now me better, where I come from. I have been on one tour around my hometown to show you small town of the island of Krk. When I edit the video I have realized that is more of the chit chat.

I’m the island girl

For the second day I though it would be fun to do Holly Jolly Christmas Tag.

This is my embarrassing Christmas photo

Next few days, I was so busy and all over the place. You can take a look in the video of 3 vloging days in 1 video.

All over the place can be a good thing too…

That was quite a ride. It is O.K. to take a lazy day. Sometimes, we don’t even notice how many energies we spent on the things. We live in the world in which everybody trying to be perfect. Forgetting one thing, our perfection is how imperfect we are. That why I’m not trying to be happy in case I’m not. It is O.K. to show that you are only a human. 

Don’t try be perfect, try to be yourself

Weekend vlog sounds like a fun idea. Let me know that you would like to see next? XOXO

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10 thoughts on “Blogmas week 1

  1. I really want to go to Croatia one day since I’ve been a hardcore fan of your national football team since 1998. The only thing that stops me is just my passport and my bank account, since Indonesian passport holders need to apply for Schengen visa to get there with the proof of sufficient amount in the bank account. Hope I could get there someday, thanks for showing me the glimpse of Krk! 🙂

    1. Hi Marya, I know what you mean never enough of paper work. I hope someday you could come and visit Croatia. I have a few post of the island. But , it would be more since I know have a little vlog camera. 😀

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