Blogmas week 3

In last blogmas you have already seen how my third week has start. I'm so much happy how well you have responded on my video of How to buy your first camera!

This week I need to add more beauty and skin care routines. All the products I'll link below the video.

Do you already know for what kind of the look you are going for?
Are you prepared for fresh start!?

I'm so exited that I finally can vlog from my car. I'm sorry for a bit noise video. I'll figure it out to be better for the future. Find out how I prepare myself to let go the negativity from the 2018.
Before, I forgot here is the link of the Camo Teddy Jacket . I am not sure if they still got it.

Over the weekend I have had hard time with a headache and I wasn't able to film.☹️ I'm sorry for that. In case, everything is going to be better tomorrow on the 24th of December you will hear from me! ?

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