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Dear readers,

I know I ' ve promised to make the review about blush that I have got in TESTER beauty box.
I have had a crazy weekend and that is the reason why I'm late with this post. So, let's begin…

I the past I wasn't a fan of the blushes but few months ago I want to get it a try. So I have Blushordered the blush from I<3MAKEUP and I were like oooh this look nice on me. That was the moment when I said to myself, OK I'll experiment more with the blushes. One month ago I ordered the beauty box from TESTER.HR, that I can compare two beauty box from Croatia. When I've opened the box I was like oh the blush cool can't wait to try that.

Linda Rocheleau, owner/distributor of fine cosmetics since 1984. Aura Cosmetics has been online since 2006. Aura Cosmetics offers secure checkout for MC VISA/Discover plus PayPal for AMEX users/major cards. In Croatia, for now, you can buy it over the website TESTER.HR.

Blush AuraAt the first moment, I was maybe is too pinky (The color that I have got is 212 Cotton Candy) for my face but when I put it was just the right amount and not too strong. The first plus was for pigmentation and how nice you can blend it in and you don't have to pick a lot of product on your brush (I put my blush with RT brush by the name Multi-Task brush). I've given the second plus this product, after all, the day of work I didn't need to go once in the bathroom to fix it. The only minus is the amount (5g) of the product for the price (28,99 kn or approx. 3,81 €).

Which blush do you use and recommend?

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