Cleopatra International sugar paste

Last three years I’m using sugar paste to remove my hair from my body. That was my best decision ever! Once a month I remove my hair from my legs and, I am hair free for next three weeks. It is a time savior, specially when everyone today do not have so much free time. You are always running somewhere, do something because you have some death lines and so on. Cleopatra International has a few types of sugar paste some of them are TROPIC, SOFT, STRONG (original), chocolate, MIX, etc.

I use Cleopatra International sugar paste Oriental. I find that this type of sugar paste is the best for my skin, I have sensitive skin and in Oriental sugar paste you have CHAMOMILE AND ARGAN OIL. Chamomile as hypoallergenic plant neutralize irritation to the skin, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, while argan oil also protects and nourishes the skin.

To learn how to remove your hair with the sugar past isn’t easy you need to practise so don’t give it up if in the begging you don’t make it right few times. Very important is to find right temperature to warm the paste. If the paste is too warm you can burn yourself and if it is too cold you will not be able to work with it.

How to use it: put prepared sugar paste (after you have warm up the sugar paste) on the spatula and apply it on the skin. Spatula is used to rub in and remove the paste from the body, and waxing in this way is particularly suitable for beginners and users who have problems with increased hands sweating, or have long fingernails.cleopatra-secerna-pasta

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