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One more week has started. I’m hoping that you are warm and don’t have any heating trouble because this was a very cold weekend. I got the filing that the past year all have talking about coconut oil. I’m using coconut oil about one year.

I decided to share my experience with you. I don’t say that it will work for you, but you can do what I have done try it and see which way is going to benefit the most for you. Primary I have started using coconut oil because of my hair. In my family only I have curly hair and I have realized that I don’t take proper care of it. On a lot of blogger sites, YouTube channels that I have watched have used coconut oil. I was like I can give a try.

When I have started to research more about coconut oil because I didn’t have a chance to hear of it. I have read so much of it honestly I didn’t save those sites, unfortunately. If you are wondering how I use it. First of all, after I wash my hair I put small amount on my hair and start to apply it on my hair, when it summer time I put it a little bit more so I got affect of wet hair. It is also good for protecting the hair of the sun. I also found one recipe to leave in and it is very good. I love that stuff applying on my hair for styling it.

I read once that coconut oil helps in drying out the wart. As I had one under the eye and I didn’t dare go to a doctor to burn it so, I tried to smear it 2-3 times a day for about 2-3 weeks and fell off by itself and the new has not grown. I love making pancakes with coconut oil they are so sweet. I also use it for whitening my teeth and it works. Believe it or not you can clean your leather sofa with this oil I find it also that it is a good moisturizing for my skin in specially in winter cold times. Do you have trouble with sweating you can use it as deodorant too.

I almost forgot mentioned that I have seen that a lot of people remove makeup with it personally I did not try that one, but what I have seen it has helped me with some acne when I got it.

I always have a small amount of coconut if I forget my lipstick for moisturizing I can always use coconut. The best part of coconut is that you can buy it as virgin coconut oil or RBD coconut oil (odorless). I prefer myself to buy virgin coconut oil, but if you’re planning to put it on some salty food I personally will go with RBD coconut oil.

I bought mine coconut oil in bio market (I pay it approx. 4,50 €) during the summer time I put it in the fridge. If you want to quickly get a summer tan feel free to put some coconut on your skin.

Do you use coconut oil? How you are using it?


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