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I can not you believe, it's almost end of May! Some day are craziest than the others.. Never the less, it's time for a new blog. For a while now, I wanted to do some collaboration with some blogger but, I never have the courage to post that type of question publicly on some blogger group, in a way I'm bit shy.

A few months back, I met this amazing blogger. I thought it would be nice for first collab to do with her. In a way we are both new in blogging but, have totally opposite experience. I was so happy when she agreed to this collab.

Please, after reading this post go to the Kristina's blog by the name Let It Land. Fly with us through our collaboration.

Let's break the ice... 

My blog is all about my hobbies and the things I have passion about. I don't want to fit in the box, I want to be out of the box. I know a lot of you would say you need to pick something. I don't want to pick anything life is too short to always be what other expect of you. Maybe, I'm wrong … maybe would have hard time to explain over and over again that I can't be in one niche or just this.. I'm divers and all over the place like a child and that is what I'm going to be. If you are love what I'm doing, I want to say thank you.

I'm coming from a small country for me it was difficult to start and find right peace of the information. I hope some information would be very useful. Some things would be so much easier than I knew before ...

Why did you start writing a blog?
This is not my first blog. A funny thing, I have my first blog when I was in 6th grade. In that time blogs just started to appear and my blog led to my passion for design. At high school I did have much time to do that so just quit unfortunately. In 2015, I started with a blog on English and that decision wasn't easy. Especially, because English wasn't my mother tongue. I wanted to share all of my hobbies and passion in one spot.

Did you investigate blogosphere before you got yourself into blogging?

In the beginning… I didn't. More, I went in the depth with it. I realized that it's another world. That was the moment when I decided to learn all about it. Starting with books like:
Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community
Blogging All-in-One For Dummies 

What is the hardest thing about blogging for you?

For me, the hardest thing is open myself without hesitation. To be consistent and have a side full-time job.

Best tips you read or heard?

To have a good perspective, strategy, originality, stay consistent and think out of the box ( be different). Always stay hungry about your passion. You need to play cheese.

Do you want to be the professional blogger?

I want a lot of things. My theory is to go step by step and everything are going to go on the right place. When you start to play with puzzles, the beginning is the hardest but, if you do everything in the beginning right the rest will fall into the right place.

Your fav social media is..
Pinterest 😀

5 things I wish I knew?

  •  be more consistent in the beginning
  • investigate blogoshpere more before starting a blog
  •  be less worry about what will others think of me
  •  I wish I never stop blogging
  •  knew earlier about affiliate programs (viglink)

Did you ever attend a webinar for bloggers?

Yes, I did. I learned so much and it have helped me to go on higher step with my blog. I did this course I don't regret the money at all!

Your fav blogger is..

Frankly, I don't have one I read a lot of different blogs but, I'm not consistent with reading the same one all the time. I'm a bigger fan of youtubers and I must say Shameless Maya.

Your main goal for this year?

To stay consistent with a good content and make some money of affiliate programs like a bit of the encouragement for my hustle

Some tips for new bloggers?

Do your homework. Blogging is a marathon not a sprint. You need to be patient and never give up. Research think of the name of the blog wisley.

Check it out:

Friends helping friends


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