Croatia – more than sea and sun

Winter is on the end and it’s time to think about upcoming seasons. For me that is season for travelers.

I’m so excited to tell you about more about Croatia. Even dough the most famous destination is Dubrovnik, and this is beautiful city, but the truth is you didn’t see anything. Croatia is so much more than sun and sea. I think that every traveler can find something for yourself. We have sun and sea, nature, gastronomy, etc.

The thing about this country is in every part of it you can get new different experience, other good thing if you ask local inhabitant for some secret places in their city. In this article, I’ll write about something that is possible you can see or use and comes from Croatia.

Glagolitic script is one of the most significant part in the history of Croatian. Why?  On the Baščanska table  in that script has been mentioned  name Croatian for the first time. This monument is from 1100 year and it has been found on the Island of Krk in one small church St. Lucija in the direction of Baška ( south part of the island). Read more here.

How many of you have been seining the necktie at least once? Did you know that originally comes from Croatia? Tie presents symbol of sophistication and culture, even dough we didn’t patent this product in 17th century Croatian solders have spread this fashion accessory around the Europe. If you are wondering why necktie has been named la cravat -Croats.  If you are interesting reading more about it, click this link here.

Let’s carry on, did you have heard about Slavoljub Eduard Penkala? Don’t google it right away, I’ll tell you who that man is. Even he isn’t originally born in Croatia, after he has moved with his family in Croatia in other to a new homeland he has been added Slavoljub into his name so, in that manner he seems to become naturalized Croat. He was also an inventor and engineer, he has invented mechanical pencil (propelling pencil) and fountain pen. Opened company by the name of Penkala. More you can read here.

Did you know that first torpedo in the world has been invented in the town of Rijeka? I just realized that maybe is not that cool to brag about it, but if you are interested in the whole story you can read it here. Long story in short, first torpedo has been invented 1866 by Ivan Luppis and Robert Whitehead. His thinking was that he wanted to create something that could use to defend coastline at long range. Torpedo was first called the “mine-ship” (Minenschiff). Town of Rijeka has always been a marine city. I have a while ago write one post about Rijeka you can read it here.

We are maybe small country, but we are proud of us. We are all around the word, sometimes I’m joking wherever I go I will hear at least once that somebody speaks Croatian around me when I’m abroad. If you like these kinds of post please feel free to let me know. Do you have ever been in Croatia? If you have, where have you been? Did you like it?


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