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Woow, can you believe it? We are in 2017. One year passed so fast. How was your New Years Eve? Hoping you have taken all advantages of that night to bring your bling out. So, I’ve decided to bring up my top makeup products & fashion stuff which has marked my 2016. This one wasn’t easy to pick out.

Hm, let’s start from makeup. This year I have more pay attention to nail products. I have tried several brands, but the best brand that work for me is Gelish. I love their product and in my country only in one store you could buy them. Lucky for me they have delivered. I don’t have too much product, as you can see below it a starter kit plus a few colors. In my previous post you can see with color did I use plus you must have Moyra stamping plates they are awesome!

When comes to the face products, I would recommend Bourjois foundation Air Matt, I love that foundation. Mascara, jumbo pencil and eyeliners from NYX.

Let’s see, mine favorite shoes are these. They are so comfy you can walk all day long! Moving along are bags, I love these bags you must have them plus one bag to work I got it for Christmas and it is ideal. Got a lot of space, an additional space for laptop, papers and did I mention a lot of space!

This year my favorite jacket is this (see the pic below). I have bought it about two years ago the store was closing and they put all the clothes for 5 € I was like in heaven.

If you want that I do on some product full review please leave in commentary section below and don’t be shy.

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