First Impression: Bourjois City Radiance

Do you know that one brand, you are sure of becoming good results on your skin? I do know, for me that is Bourjois. Whenever I turn to their products, I got amazing results. For a while now, I’m using their Air Mat foundation.

First Impression: Bourjois City Radiance 1

Recently, I’ve bought a new foundation from Bourjois. They have released City Radiance line in store last spring I believe. Maybe, I’m a bit late for this post, but I wanted to give you my first impression of the product. I’ve pale skin and for me it is always a struggle in finding good foundation and on top of that I’ve very dry skin too. What a combination, right?

When it came to the design of the products, I love when foundations are in tube. I have a feeling that I really can squeeze out the product. Colors of the design is really a nice shine baby pink with combination of silver is a jackpot. On the package said there is anti-pollution screen and protection SPF 30 for your skin. The product has a nice smell, it reminds me of cream from brand Balea with Shea Butter. The price for this product is approx. 15 € in Croatia, but in BIPA or DM you can often see the discount 30% off that price and I think it’s a pretty good deal. You can also order it online here and the price is just 5,50 €  or here  for 12,95 € .

As you can see, in the photo I bought shade number 3 the name is light beige, I have taken one tone up then normally I would go for. Usually, I use foundations of this brand in shade number 2 the name is vanilla, but when I put this foundation number 2 on my hand it has looked to bright at the moment. I’ve made the right choice because this line is a bit brighter than theirs other foundation lines. Texture of the product is creamy and moisturizing too like CC creams.

First Impression: Bourjois City Radiance 2

In comparison, between this line and their air mat line, I have noticed this foundation is a bit lighter on my face and I got the filing that I can blend better into my skin. Another thing that I like, the fact this line don’t have strong undertone color and on the end looks more natural. You can get light to medium coverage. It is possible build the product up without over doing your basic makeup.

I have tested it on the one full day, and I was so surprised when I got home and saw it like I just done it. This product is going to be on my must have list this year. Overall, if you have pale and dry skin this is a perfect product for you, can’t go wrong with this one.

Comment me down below what do you think of this foundation? Did you try it? Which is your favourite foundation ever?

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