Get ready with me - talk about

If you are following me on my Youtube Chanel, you already know I have had kinda rough last week mentally. If you haven't you can watch that video here.

I didn't film GRWM since December of 2018. The reason why I decided to film it because I went later that day to Italy. Along the way, inspiration has come by my eyeglasses. I love my new eye frame and I wanted to show that you can do eyeshadow and have glasses.

In the video, I will also talk about my last week and how I didn't feel good about myself or anything that I'm doing. If you have a bit of the blue week it is OK. I needed t see something positive in the whole situation and talk with my head 101.

A bit of the blue week

Thank you for stopping by on my blog. Hopefully, you have enjoyed watching.

Final Look

Tell me how are you dealing with blue weeks? Do you prefer glasses or contacts?


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