Getaway & trying out new products

It has passed quite some time since my last first impression or review of the makeup products. I have so many products that I have been focusing on using them instead of just buying them. Sometimes is hard just looking at them and not been able to try them out.

I have been also more focused on clearing my face. To make sure which products are good for me and my skin and which one aren't. When we talking about natural products I have completed using only natural products in the skincare routine. As you can see in this post here.

That brings me to the first product by Lush cosmetics Ultrabland. I know that Lush can have really strong fragrance products, but the ones that I'm using are very soft and made for sensitive and dry skin. One of the main ingredients that can help not only for cleansing your face but, also for removing your makeup is beeswax. That will also help you to maintain your moist on the skin. This product leaves my skin super smooth and moist up to next day. My skin tends to dry out so much that sometimes I will wake up with a lot of dry patches all over my face. In the video you can see the steps how I use this product for more details.

Lush cosmetics and Bourjois Primer

Now is the time for Bourjois Healthy Mix Glow Primer. If you are following me for a longer time period, then you know how much I love this brand and their products. However, unfortunate this isn't the products that have to blow me away after the first time of using it. Maybe it is my fault, the way I have used it or I used too much. At first, it has shocked me how orange this is. I thought it will melt with my skin and gives more glow for a natural look. I have succeeded to blend it in my skin decent, so you wouldn't notice the orangeness ( I hope that's a word). After, approximately 12 hours of having makeup I noticed that the primer moved my foundation and I started to have dry patches around my nose and lips. I will give the product a little bit more time and try it out in a different way but, as a first impression, I wouldn't recommend this product.

In case you have tried out either of these products let me know your thought and opinions. I would love to know what you are thinking.

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