Getting my first tattoo

I know that 2020 is kind of a crazy year. The most unexpected things are happening, like we are in a movie or something. For me, that was the sign that there is no room for wasting time.

After long eleven years of wanting the tattoo, it has finally happened. At the beginning of October, I have scheduled the appointment. Before, I did big research on the tattoo artist and what kind of tattoo I want. I am the kind of person that needs to have the information before I make the final decision.

The fun fact is that I met my tattoo artist before, she was my art teacher for a little while in an elementary school. I have heard from my parents in the first wave of the pandemic that she became a well-respected tattoo artist. At that moment, I can't describe my happiness it was from the roof up.

If you are wondering why I was happy? I am very picky when comes to certain things, especially something like tattooing. You will have the tattoo for the rest of your life. There is nothing wrong with being picky.

Instagram handle of the tattoo artist is @miafreyatattoo

I respect her because she is very direct with you. First, I wanted a tattoo with white ink. I did my research before I went to her, I was aware of everything. After a talk, we decided to go in another direction. I didn't want a classic black ink tattoo. Sometimes, I want to be a little bit extra.

Img 1834
Tattoo stencil

On the day of tattooing, she offered me three choices of colors. The first was neon pink, lilac, and magenta. I decided to go with magenta because it is a vibrant and bold color. I kinda changed my mind during the process, I wanted something more visible.

Img 1835
Fist day in the evening after the shower

The placement which I decided to go with, is under the boob area. If you would love more details of the aftercare, you can watch my YouTube video below.

I didn't wear a bra, for the first two weeks. Even though Mia said that it would be OK to wear it after the first week. I didn't want to take any chances, I let it heal "at peace".

Img 0567
Healed tattoo, after three weeks

Do you have a tattoo? How old were you when you did your tattoo?

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