GRWM: Chit chat + inspired look

After, my first get ready with me, I kind miss it a bit. I have last time so much fun recording and write about it. As you can see, from the title look has been inspired by my nails.

Warm summer time is a plus for this evening look. We all deserve a bit rest after a job. I'm trying this year to be a bit bolder with colors and makeup, my go to is always no makeup look and I need maximum 10 min to do that. One of the goals this year is that I experiment more with a bit more makeup than I use to.

I do my nails I'm self-thought, I know that they aren't perfect I do the best I can. It's relaxing for me after working with a people every day.

Lately, rose gold color is very appealing in a makeup even though I'm more of the matte person.
I really hope you like my final look all the products that I have used you can see at the end of the post or in the description of the video.

I'm using the only 2 palattes that I love and that I own. One is by BH cosmetics which I love 88 matte palatte and the second one is by Morphe 35F.

I hope you will enjoed in video. The rest of the products that I use are :
Bourjois Healthy Mix Primer here or here
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation here or here

In case, you have suggestion for me to make some inspired look let me know in comments below 


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