Happy B-day to me!

Hello everybody,

Yeah it’s my B-day in case if you are wondering, why would I in the earth publish blog on my B-dayHappy B-day to me! 1.

I was struggling about this post a lot so I decided to write it on my birthday. I have felt 22th of January like that day was my B-day. I got 368 visits in only one day I was like woow I want to hit that number every day. I also know, I must put of a lot of hard work into my blog if I wanna hit that number every day.

I don’t know what will happen on this day, but I know one thing that I have all people that mean in my life all around me. I don’t want presents I simply don’t wanna lose these good people because, nowadays it is hard to find some good people to be around you.

I also want to give you some of the ideas how you can do your makeup & nails on your B-day if it’s in winter like mine. I decided to go with some jacket comfy shoes. I got lucky in one thing it isn’t that cold as last couple of days. For the nails I decide to use some color lilac and gray I love them they are so cute and really easy to do. I’ve used Moyra celebration plates No 9. I got inspired this coldness and this strong lines.

I really hope you liked this sort post of mine. I really hope you will spend your day good as well.Happy B-day to me! 2Happy B-day to me! 3

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