Healthy Grocery Haul

This is something that I never done before. I decided to show you who I am orderig healthy food over this site.

I have already order couple of time through this site, so far so good. Everything that I have ordered I like it. In every order, I try to add something new so I knew better what I like. I have started only recently my fitness journey and I'm still learning what is working for me and my body the best.

What do you like!?

In the video, I'll also say some tips. How I love to use some of the ingredients. This is not sponsored. I don't even know if they know about me.

This can be also useful if you are coming on the vacation to Croatia and you need some food especially gluten free of for vegans people. Because you don't have too many choices in the local stores for that.

Let me know if you like videos and post about this things?

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