How to shop and save?

On the second half of the January I have put a poll on the end of post readers choice, one of the reader wanted so much that I write about this theme so, I’ve promised to publish this post. Even this is not the post of your choice I couldn’t ignore such a desire for this post. I’m hoping that you will love these tips.

 My closest friends always teasing me how sales and discount following me. I just imagine what I want and soon I find that item on sale. I love buying by discount price because, then price is more realistic and it sweeter to me that I know that I have saved the money. Of course, I have some clothes and pay full price for it, but that must be very special piece. Are you thinking is this possible?

Yes, it is possible. How? Well, when new collection arrives in stores and malls I love go for a walk to see what has come. Some of you would say who are you kidding girl, just watching without buying!? Yes, pretty much because I know two months from that moment there will be some discount in the stores. They must sell something so they can store new collection and economic situation is now something that currently is on their side. You can see statistics, each day gap between rich and poor people is bigger. Unfortunately, those times have come once more in the history of the world.

Let’s discuss it on example now has had arrived new spring collection. My assessment is in the mid of March they would start to put that collection on sale. How in the world I know this? Since I was a little girl many Croatian people who are living in Kvarner and Istria they would go massive to the Trieste in shopping while it is cheaper. Nowadays, I also love going to Italy they have better offers in collections, then here and more quality clothes. The sales always go before Christians holidays and changing of seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). I’ve learned on the end of each season to make space for new clothes for next year. Some fashionistas will think how in the world you know what is going to be in that time of the year. The thing is, I don’t, I love having something that nobody has, you must think out of the box. For now, I have always to manage guess the next trend.

Do you know that most of the stores are having their own membership cards? How many of you are using them? I absolutely love those things since my teenage years I just love to have them in case you never know. My mother would always say why you have so many of this card what will you do with all that. Now, she knows why I have them there is always some threads for members of membership cards don’t forget it. Also, more and more companies have mobile apps with integration of membership card in it. I love that trend, no more searching out the wallet everything is in the app and you can always see how many points you have on it. When you spend a lot of money in store of one brand you often can get a special additional discount. Who you cannot love that!?

Few times I have run into totally sale. I mean like 5 € for all items in the store, when I see that kind of thing my eye literally starting to sparkle like I’m in heaven. Personally, I’m going four times in the year in a bigger shopping if I need the clothes. During summer I don’t go anywhere while I’m to busy with tourism and helping other people to make their holidays better and happier. I know that isn’t some hot water what I have written, but I bet a lot of you didn’t think in that way.

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