How to overcome low self-esteem!?

Why do you have a negative picture of yourself?

I started to have low self-esteem, because of my physical look. I let myself to believe in something that other people believed and have a problem with me.

Something that has happened in the past later has taken me years to went over that. You don’t realize how much that has affected you until you start to think about it. Honestly, I didn’t realize until I started to work on myself.

I let too many years to pass by until I stopped believing in those words that I have heard about me. You see, we are going back to the lesson of believing in ourselves. Our mind can be very tricky and can convince us in something that other people are saying to or/about us. Once, when you get rid of that, everything else will fall into right places like puzzles. Everyone has struggles be kind to you, be less self-critical.

In the video, I have told my story and how I have overcome my low self-esteem. After a while, I have started to have a less critical image of myself. You will have bad days when you will not feel like you have progressed at all. I have found my solution for that too.

How I have overcome my low self-esteem

We are all beautiful and have a unique value as a person. Do not be afraid to embrace it, we are born to be different and unique.


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5 thoughts on “How to overcome low self-esteem!?

  1. I think at different points in life, we all goes through periods of doubt and with patience, support and effort, we can make our way back to feeling whole again. I’m glad you found your footing again.

  2. It is so critical, firstly we shouldn’t let our minds control ourselves, secondly others opinion’s of our body doesn’t matter. Their own insecurities reflect when they judge us. Once we have learned this fact we need to put it into practice so that we find ourselves confident in our bodies.

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