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I have seen lately that a lot of new bloggers have a lot of questions about CSS and HTML. Mostly because they want to tweak a theme little. Of course all those codes can be scary and overwhelming. You have seen on WordPress update 4.7 they integrate CSS you don’t need plugins anymore. I love the idea of costumes it and make theme more YOU, but some coding make you just say forget about it. Specially if you are new in blogging. Don’t panic and it is not so hard and scary as it looks. I decided to bring my little brother in this theme as my first guest on my blog. He is a student on Rochester Institute of Technology. He also helps me when I don’t know something to change in some theme or when something go wrong on my blog. Today we will discuss about HTML and CSS why should blogger know about it.

What is HTLM & CSS?

HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) are 2 very basic programming languages that are used to make the basic looks and functionality of a website.

Can HTML cod over power the CSS code?

While HTML and CSS are regarded as separate languages they are very closely connected. They each define their own part for instance HTML is used for structuring the website, while CSS is used to stylize it. There are 3 locations CSS code can be implemented, and each of these locations has a different priority. This is explained in detail on the w3schools website.

Why you should know it and how it can help you?

Both languages are important, they consist of a syntax. Their syntax is relatively easy, which is why many schools are starting to implement it in general IT classes. It is helpful as you will be able to design some basic websites for your personal need, or even professionally create websites for others. I think every blogger should know CSS and HTML because they are really easy to learn, and provide many benefits such as fixing some problems with the website on your own, especially if you are hosting the website yourself.

Where you can learn the basics?

The easiest way to learn it by yourself is using w3cschools. It is a website of the Consortium company which is in charge of standardizing the HTML and CSS coding. It can help you to further modify a certain theme completely to your liking without having to pay someone or ask the author himself.

How powerful is CSS?

As I said above with CSS and HTML you are able to fully customize the looks of your website however, if you want some other advanced functionality PHP or JavaScript should be used.

Should bloggers make their own themes? Is there any difference between making your on theme or if you use somebody else’s theme?

Making your own theme is rather had since it requires more than just HTML and CSS, but it is why it gives you many benefit. The main reason is that you can create a theme that suits you exactly and if something is off you can easily change it. In programming in general it’s always hard to try to figure out what that person was thinking when they were creating this code, this is a requirement when trying to modify someone else’s code.

Is better to install plugin or use coding for insert social media context into your post? What is  the difference?

Most social media context use the same API to implement that plugin, so the code will more or less be the same. The real difference is that in customizing options it provides. As for creating your own, for the reasons I stated ahead it’s really not worth trying to figure the API out.

When you know the basics everything is easier. I’m really hoping that this article will help you. I know many of you wanted to hide name of the author or date even center the title. Make sure you have written the right context to proceed with the CSS code. I really hope these tips will help you in making your blog more personalized. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask in comment section below. Want more post like this?

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