I'm Back

Hello guys, first I want to apologize for my absences for a very long time.

I have so much to do including my season job (just crazy summer). 

In a mean time I have started to do my own nail.  I have always love to do my nails until 1st year of my college, when the time of excuses has start (I don't have time, I'm too lazy etc.) So, this summer I had bought my own gel nail polishes (I'm not a fan of regular nail polish, they come off to easily.), LED lamp, cleanser and remover.

If you are wondering how have I decided which brand to take, I had bought three brands and tested them. Two of three brands after few days are just come off the nail. The brand that I used is Gelish Harmony and I recommend it. Only in Croatia you will have some trouble to find it (one store is in Rijeka and another is in Split), personally I would recommend the store from Rijeka Diviana-Cosmetics (you can personally come there for picking up things which you have purchase online or pay with the credit card next day you will get your stuff). This brand is maybe more expensive than the other brands that you can find in Croatia, but the quality is just undeniable. My nails seem to last now three weeks, it is so much better then with my regular nail polish.

I have put some of my work that you can see it.

14484942_1775672506054946_5265293273060818463_n-1 14519853_1775672512721612_7632633645258593498_n

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