Intro in photography for beginners

When I have first wanted to start learning about photography and DSLR cameras I didn’t own that kind of camera. Maybe it is strange, but I wanted first to learn more about it so that would be easier for me find out what kind of camera is good for my needs. Let’s be real these kinds of cameras aren’t cheap and if I’m willing to buy it I want to buy good quality for my needs.

I’ve paid online curse for photography and I have joined on some forums and I constantly inform myself about my hobby and looking at my photos so I can see if something is not right in my settings how I wanted to look final product. So, if you are looking some intro in photography I’ll suggest that your first step is learning about it without camera and photography itself. While you are in learning process ask yourself what kind of photography are you interested in? Is it just a hobby or you want to be professional photographer? One more tip this is an expensive sport keep that in mind you’ll need to set your priority in buying gear (one step at the time).

My biggest question was what kind of DSLR camera do I need. I have watched a 1 000 of YouTube videos and read a 1 000 of articles about what kind of cameras do beginners need to start in photography. If you have knowledge about this area you are waiting for some part when I mention is it Canon or Nikon better. I won’t do that because those two brands are really good it is your own choice and preferences I have do my research and I have found out that Nikon is a better suite for me even though Canon has cheaper gear, but it is like I’ve said it is about what suite you the best. I got Nikon D3200 and I’m really happy with a quality and settings that I can get. I really think it is a very good camera for beginners.

Master how to control ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and Metering settings. In my opinion, that most important things that you need to master and know how they effect one to other and everything else will fall into place when you master that. One of the most useful pages that I have found for me is Digital Photography School.

After you learn about it challenge yourself don’t shoot in Automatic, Shutter, Aperture  or Program mode shoot in a Manual mode. Why? Even all these modes are cool and very helpful they don’t shoot always in the way that you want your picture to look like in a Manual mode you have all the power to play with all that you have learned earlier. Do not be afraid!

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If you like this kind of post feel free to let me know. Do you own DSLR camera? Which one? What was your big straggle when you have start learning about photography and DSLR cameras?

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