June Unboxing 2018 Tester Box

I want to start this post with saying CONGRATULATIONS to the Croatia National Football Team. Even thought we have a lot of problems in the country these guys have brought a bit of light to the people. This win could be better when you have introduced as the underdogs. Some people will say that the poison is stores in a small bottles and we are a small country. Each day we have less inhabitants. With nowadays technology is nice to see all Croatian people all over the world who they are being supportive too. Not all of them have left the county with their will… I'm not going in the details with this.

The players have showed the unity and straight that has perfectly described by New York Times you can read it here.

For me, Croatia is already won. They have made into the history, they make us proud as always by not giving up. 🙂 Good luck guys, you have nothing to lose!!!

After, a bit longer intro it is time you to see what I have got in new Tester Box. Tell me which products have hype you up the most?

Biovitals Golden cream

As you already know this cream as their main ingredients has: aloe vera and marigold. You can use it after suns or shower. It has vet nice sweet smell you can sense almond sweet oil and coconut. In the last couple of days I've been using it and feels a bit cooling and I'm obsessed it is going to be in my top fave products this year.

Eau Thermale Avene creamy gel after sun

I asume that is family friendly cream because it has drawn a family at the design of the product. They have also good products that I have tried earlier this year.

L'erbolario hair shampoo after sun

This product has intrigued me a bit. Because I never heard of such a product the texture is light and clear.

Aura Ultimatte liquid lipstick
I have the similar lipstick from NYX -Honeymoon. I wish that product is in full size. I'll play more with this product in my future looks. Stay tuned 🙂

Elancly Slim desing oil

Frankly, I'm not that upset about my cellulite I never gravitate to this kind of product I have learned to love myself how I'm now. I don't know if I try this product. In case, you love it this one has very good ingredients.

Signal White Now CC Bright
We all love to have perfectly white teeth. This toothpaste has come in right time because I need one. After, a few days I have notice that my teeth are a bit brighter. I use a very small amount of the product.

Hello Summer jam with UV filter
I must admit, the products look and sounds interesting. There isn't so many glitters and I love that. Overall, it didn't give me some hype.

Dr.Brandt DNA cream 

This cream has a lot of vitamins and it is a very thick. It reminds me of the baby cream according the thickness and smell. If I look at the price, I'm not sure I be ready to spend (750 HRK) approx. 100 euros for 15ml of product. It just sound too much for my taste.

Eminence Organics

I must say the product look interesting. I love the idea of one jar and two products. My skin is already so I doubt that I'll try it.

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