Learned lessions in 2016

Maybe I’m a little late with this. Delivery has made my plan for January a little bit messy. So, I decided wrote post about my lessons. I got the feeling that every year time goes faster than year before. This is my first lesson. Don’t waste your time. Life is too short that you invest in wrong people, staff that make you unhappy. Enjoy in your life the little thing are important. If love of your life says nice thing or do something nice. Maybe, in this very moment that doesn’t seem too much, but in the end it is. You will think man that was very nice these little things. Be positive, sometimes it is hard to stay in that state of mind. If you lose that positive thinking it is hard to go back you need a lot of time, in my case. There is always light in the end of the tunnel.

You can do everything! A lot of time you will think yeah right that is impossible. It is very simple, but sometime it is hard to overcome some things. If you believe in something and you love that you can do it! Have right people around you who are real friend and love you for what you really are, it is another plus. Do not waste your precious time on wrong people I have had that kind of people too long in my life.

For some things you can’t rush the time you must wait right time to come. If you know that I mean or if that make any sense. Time is not always your enemy, you will appreciate more some little things for example if you spent 24 hours with you boyfriend you don’t appreciate little thing so much. When you don’t have possibility to see him every day you notice more how these little things make you happy.

I will conclude this small post with one quote what the love of my life told me:

If you allow time to meet with the world, then the world will meet you. But since you’re my world, I have met myself too!

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