May Unboxing 2018 Tester Box

Welcome on my new domain! I finally moved to "more serious" domain! Like I have said at the beginning of the year, I don't want miss out of my blog. Summer is for me the busiest time of the year. I'm doing everything that I can do, that I post weekly. I have a bit of trouble with transferring the blog, if you want to hear some of my tips and how to do it let me know.

May box is hear and I can't wait to open it, so I can see how many goodies I got and of course what I have got this month. Tester has changed a role a bit, I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. They haven't yearly subscription anymore that is a bit of the bumper and they raise the prices…

On the other hand, they said that they have put together more valuable boxes. I hope that they will…

That was a quite an intro, I'll open the box I'm dying to know what is in it. Testerbox team have said the value of this box is bigger because they have put more full size products.

Check out my video for more details 😀

The motivation card honestly have made my day!

Uriage Bariesun SPF50+ Milk

If you are following me for a while this is one of my new favorite brands. Every product that I have tried it have worked. Because I'm really fair this milk with SPF 50 is perfect for me. It calme that is hgh protection from UVA i UVB.

L'Erbolario After Sun Cream

This is an Italian brand. This cream is formulated to alleviate the hydration of burning or dryness. Cream have extracts of water mint and cucumber. Italian brands usually have good products, can't wait to give it a try.

Avon Mark - Epic Intense palette

When I first saw it, my eyes on the palette I was like OMG, are you serious!? I have respect for all the people who aren't afraid to use. I think I can try to combine this with some of future looks. I have seen that these quads comes in a multiple color but, I didn't manage to find them online.

Hello Beauty Eyeliner Stamps

I think this brand you can find in stores like BIPA. I didn't find this brand online but, I have found similar products to this. I really like How pointy is one side you can really draw nice wing with it.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment

I never heard of this brand. I'm a bit concern because in the past me and avocado didn't make on the same page. No matter how I love to try it out I'm a bit scared. I need to think about if I'd try this product or not…

La Roche Posay Toleriane

I got in the previous boxes this brand. Honestly, it didn't make any impression on me. I can't tell that it is something amazing or in the other hand something bad it is just OK for me.

Geomar scrub

This is one more Italian brand which I love so far. I love their hydration milk to clean my face. This scrub has an interesting ingredients like Volcano sand and can be a scrub or mask. Can't wait to try this scrub as a mask.


This is a Croatian brand of natural cosmetics. I never heard before about it but, I will give a try these creams. Specially because they clam to be natural cosmetics and who doesn't like those word in a cosmetics.

Ziaja set

I'm familiar with this brand and I have tried. They have amazing shower gels and you got a good amount of the product. They products are so creamy. What I didn't know is that they have shampoo for the hair. I'm happy to try it out. For sure 🙂

Klorane Yalng Yalng

I got some wax for hair. As soon as I figure out, how to use this properly I will give it a go. It is a very interesting I never use something like that. Did some of you already tried this product?


If you are interested in eye look let me know in the comments bellow? 


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