Minimalistic set up of my Apple Watch 1 month later

In January I have published the video of my minimalistic birthday present from me to myself.

Self-care on my birthday

Now, it is almost the end of February and it is time to give you some feedback. The main reason why I wanted to purchase the watch in the first place is that I want to have new healthier habits, and I have a couple of bad ones when comes to daily activities!

Nobody is perfect but, I want to improve the imperfections that bother me and have a strong impact on looking down on myself. After 1 month I have noticed a difference in my mental image that I have created for myself. I am starting to be more open because I feel better in my own skin. I have still some struggles being in front of the camera and fully confident. I hope that will change over time.

I have created four main face watches that will help me to increase the potential of the smartwatch (video chapter on 05:30 min).

We are all different and not everything will work for you as it has the workout for me, think how technology will make every day easier for you. Be careful so you don’t overdo it, it isn’t the goal to be over distracted. I have noticed that my phone often does that for me. This is the second reason why I am great full for the minimalistic setup. Leave only the most important apps to refresh in the background, that why you can benefit from a little bit more battery life. 

I have found out the smartwatch was a good investment on my part in order to improve my everyday and in the long run my lifestyle. So far, I am extremely happy whit that and the functions that I have access to. The only thing that I forgot to mention is Apple Pay! You got to love that!

Let me know your thoughts on smartwatches? Do you have one?


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