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Hi everyone, today I will talk a little bit about my new primer for my make up. Lately, my skin is going crazy so I have decided to try Mixa’s DD cream. If you have been wondering, why DD cream when you have BB and CC creams which are very good. I was investigating a bit again, and I have fined out that this DD cream is for matching imperfections of the skin and it is of the same lines of the products (gel & lotion).

I must tell when I see the bottle and the price I was like no way that I am going to buy this. It has looked just to small according to the price range. On second thought I was telling myself just try it, maybe it is worthy of money. This brand has help you already so much. Then, I have seen the tag on price if you have bonus card you can get 30% of the price so, I also bought light moisturizing balancing cream from Mixa of course. Mixa creams 1

Both products are in tub. They are ideal if you are traveling a lot like me.

The products have pleasant aroma and they are very light on the skin. After each application, I left like 10 min that the product settle in my skin ( I feel this way products gave me better results, if I applicate them like that) .

My base is DD cream before my powder and last much longer without need that I must go to correct my make up all day long.


In my opinion bought products are worth the money. I will just love if they perhaps put more skin tones of DD cream.

Both creams are approx. 7 €, but I have paid 30 % less because they are often on discount. | Store DM & Müller

Which DD & moisturizer creams do you prefer?

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