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One of my first posts a have written the review of the Mixa's cleansing milk for sensitive skin. After a while, I have decided to buy few new products of that brand.

I've mentioned before that I have very sensitive and dry skin so I need to clean my skin twice a day. The first product that I want to write is Mixa's soapless purifying cleansing gel. The design of the bottle is the same like on cleansing milk product only the colors of the products are different. When I want to buy some product I always look for the declaration. This is the product for oil-prone skin with imperfection, and I do have imperfection with acne. I've struggled with the since I was 12 years old. Over the years, I've thought myself what is good for me, my skin and how to take care of it. This gel is enriched with zing.

The product has a mild and pleasant aroma and it is very soft for the skin. The application isMixa's gel & lotion easy and does not leave the sense of weight on your skin. After applying, just wash with water. One tip, when you dry your face with the towel don't rub it just pat towel gently into your face. I noticed about two weeks after I've bought the product that the gel has reduced the redness of acne and imperfections on the face.


I think that product is worth of money that I have paid for. The reason that I'm a little blown away because I didn't expect much of the product. I have no objections to this product.

Price - 38,00 kn (approx. 5 €) | Store DM |in Croatia

The second product that I want to share my experience with you is also by Mixa I like to think that is the little brother from a soapless purifying cleansing gel. :mrgreen: I'm talking about alcohol-free purifying lotion. This product is from the same line as the gel (oil-prone skin with imperfection). The design of this bottle is a little different. The smell is also very pleasant, whit lotion I cover just the part that I have acne or some imperfection. These two products complement each other perfectly. The price and the store where I buy those products are the same. I put the lotion at nigh and in the morning I out cleansing milk while for me that is a good primer for my makeup.

That is all for now of me. Did you try some of Mixa products?

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