Morning Routine On A Day Off

If you are following me, you know that I am back on a hustle of the "real job" aka 9 to 5. I have each week one day off, and it is different day from week to week also.

So, my routine can variate a bit from day to a day. I also work in a shift so these days I have a slightly different routine as well.
If you would love to know how my routine looks on these days let me know in the comments section below.

I must admit before my fitness journey, I didn't eat breakfast in the morning. Since I have used my body again to that, I feel so much better throughout the day. I also eat breakfast before work no exception.

After I ate my breakfast. I love to drink coffee in peace and watching Netflix or YouTube on my TV.
Do you do that as well? Or I'm the only one.🧐

How do you spend your morning routines?
After I have done all that I check my TO DO LIST: and start to be productive for the next few hours. Check my ideas, analytics, scripts, start filming and pre-filming.
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