Most popular post in 2016

It is the end of 2016 and I have decided to make top 5 post of 2016. For me this year has passed very fast, but it was the busiest year that I ever have. For next year I have a lot of new stuff and can wait to publish them all.  I will put on the end of this post one poll that you can decide the theme of the post in 2017 for January. I have decided to have each month one post of your choice or suggest so don’t be shy! 

On the  5th place are 3 post with the same numbers of hits I couldn’t believe it! 

What will I do better in 2017?

Blush Aura

Beauty box – TESTER

In the 4th place are my best products in 2015, I love these stuff ! Which are your best products?

The best products in 2015!

In 3th place is post about fashon! Who doesn’t love fashion and shopping?

My taste in fashion

I didn’t expect that the nails will go so high on this rank for 2016. It will be more nails in the future! 

Winter nail looks

1st  place in my review of Mixa gel & lotion, I’ve discovered one new Mixa product for cleaning make up so far I’m thrilled with it, more in 2017! 

Mixa’s gel & lotion


Now, for me it is most interesting part. I have made a poll for you guys to pick up one post of your choice, if you have better idea write it in other. Do not be afraid to write something else or to vote! In the future each month you would pick out post of your choice. I’m really hoping that you like my idea, and of course that you will participate!

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