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Hello 2018! It’s already 2018, man! I have given myself a rest for one week of blogging, because I this we all need to spend a little more time with people who we love.

After, all these holidays it is a time to work on over body shape! I have actually started on working out right before Christmas. Why? This summer I got the body figure that I didn’t have for a long time, and I didn’t want to lose myself just because I have full-time blogging. I want to find the right balance for all the things that I do. I have downloaded 2 apps on my phone and find in my storage a few pieces of equipment, like resistance bands and angle weight. I have been an active person always, but I don’t know what have happened and I’ve just quit. Doing this try out of mine for 30 days fitness challenge, I realized how much I’ve been missing workout. In case, you want me to write a bit more about this 30 day fitness challenge, tell me in the commenting section!

My active wear

When I’m working out, my shoes are the most important thing, they must be comfy and easy, so I can do my best. I don’t know if you have tried the Skechers fitness shoes with a memory foam, but those are my favorite and I always buy them when I need a new pair of working out shoes. Before these I have had a Skechers Shape Ups and I have felt in love with them at the first site. Lately, I don’t see this fitness model anymore, nowadays they have so much more categories of sport shoes than before. These shoes make you work and keep your balance always and your muscles will feel them trust me.


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Second important thing is my clothes. I need to be comfy in the clothes I ware. In most cases, I ware leggings. I purchase them most often in Tezenis I love that store. Lately, I love leggings with a high waits and I love them. Are you fan of high waist leggings? When they have sale you can buy them for only 9,50 €. During my workout I need to have a sports bra because I can’t work in a regular bra in the same store or the brand Energentics. Over a sport bra I’d have an oversize shirt! For over size sweaters I don’t have a special store if I need them I just buy them.




Tell me in the comments section:

What do you think about my looks? What is your important piece of the sport wear? Are you fan of high waist leggings?

I’m so grateful that I have an outside gym 1 km from my house. How I make my work out routine? I look up ideas on the YouTube and mix them up a bit!


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8 thoughts on “My Active Wear outfit

  1. Interesting that you love Skechers shoes. I never got into Skechers because I never found never found an aesthetically please one that worked for me. Although you’re making me reconsider. I may have to check um out! 🙂

    1. I don’t know why I love them so much. These new ones with a memory foam for me are so good. My mom have ones too and she also loves it. I hope you’ll find the right model if you reconsider the brand 😀

  2. I wish I had the willpower to actually go to the gym and stick to it. I dont feel comfortable there and I have tried it numerous times but I just don’t think its the place for me! The pool however is for me! I love a cheeky swim.

    1. Hi, I don’t feel comfortable in the local gym so, I prefer to work by myself in the outdoor gym or at home :).
      I’m a glade you have found your way to enjoy in activity 😀 I live on the island I love swimming during the summer 🙂

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