My must have winter items 2017/2018

I have decided to make my must have items for the winter 2017/2018. On the image you can see exact the same items or similar items that I own which I love to ware.

Must have year 2017




I live in the area which don’t have snow during the winter season but, it’s very windy. I love long a bit over size jackets with a hood it makes it more cozy in my opinion. This year is popular camo pattern so if you have it makes a jacket more trendy. I own dark brow jacket in the same style. For me, this is one basic trendy peace that can make a statement with a bit of the personal twist.

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I love baggy clothes, I have always loved it and I’m so happy, finally I can be finicky about it. I actually own the same sweater as you can see on the picture. You probably can’t read it but on the back is written BECOME YOUR OWN PREORITY. I this here and then, it’s good to look on yourself with in some normal boundary. I think I’m a very opinionated person and I love it when some peace of clothe that you ware have some attitude. This is one of my favorite sweaters that I owned.


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Even though I love, cozy outfits but there are times when I love dress up and be a little fancy. The vest that I’ve it not so similar to this one, mine had sheepskin interior (not real sheepskin) I bought it last year, on the sale for 5,50 €. Most of the time I ware it with a some black jeans and boots or some leggings and under nit the vest I’d ware thin sweatshirt.

SIMILAR VEST (here & here )

Unfortunately, I don’t own any of the rip jeans at the moment but I might buy it if I find something like this I adore these. I always struggle with the pants I can’t buy jeans online I like to try them first because I have a bit curvy body. In the past I didn’t have good experience with buying online jeans, so I prefer to try them then buy it if I like it.


I don’t know about you but I love Converses shoes I have several of these brand and I love them. These have integrated heel and that is what makes them special, and they are so comfy if you are active it won’t be trouble at all to be in them for 24 hours. I have bought them at the end of the summer because they were 60 % off that is a great deal.

I think every woman should own one pair of tall black boots. You can combine them in so many ways even if you want to add a little something bought 2 same bracelets and put around the boots it will look so different. This one is a classic for me they can’t be out of trend.

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When, you look at a few year back you couldn’t find this backpacks nowhere. Now, you can choose from so many designs and words, quotes I love it, and they are super handy if you love to bring your DSLR without big photography bag. They go with casual, sport and a bit fancy styles often I bring it over my other bags that I owned.

SIMILAR BACKPACKS ( here, here & here )

What are yours must have items this year? Do you love to be in the trend or you make your own trends? Let me know in the commenting section below.

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