My taste in fashion

Nowadays, my bag is my everything. What I love most about them is the look in some way more sophisticated and grown up. I love this woman’s elegance and simplicity. I don’t like a lot of different colors on me, then I feel like walking circus, but if you like that style I totally support you. I know people who define themselves by the colors and to me that is so cool, I just don’t like so many colors on me.

When I talk about style I like to see that is in trend, but I will not wear something or buy because that is temporary trendy in fashion world. I love something unique and combine that with other things in my closet. Usually every year I have different fashion fetish that I want to have. For example, one year that was hat, scarves, boots, bags, baggy shirts / pants …dsc_0054

For three years from now I have completely changed my fashion taste. I would say that was one period of life when I want to start fresh, smarter, more like young women preparing for the world of business. I was finishing my university and starting to make serious plans. What do I want from business world? I think if you want to leave good impression you must know to read people. Like it or not people are going to judge you first on close are you wearing.

Over the years I think I have found my balance of uniqueness and good impression for me. I absolutely love the fact that backpack are again IN. I’ve recently bought one, it isn’t any famous brand, but I love the simplicity, and to me is so cute. I can combine with casual and elegant style. Also, I love my Desigual cross-body bag that I have bought last year. I’m using that handbag mostly when I go out or work.

Last few years I wear bodysuits, firstly I was in shock, but that was positive shock. I wear them often in the combination of high waist jeans and skirts. This year I have discovered that I love pin-up style!

I do not know why girls with curly hair love to straight their hair. I do not like when my hair is straight, first reason is that it is too long and I need at least two hours to straight it, and the second reason that is the way you are damaging your hair and curls. So, I put the neutral ombre to light up my hair a bit.

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