My winter face cares routine

Hello everyone, how are you? Today, I wanted to share with you my new face cares routine. In case, you are new to my blog I wanted to welcome you and say that I have dry face. As you all know, during the winter time dry skin starts to be more dryer. That’s the reason I really must pay attention on the moisture of my skin. We all know, when you have nice makeup on and didn’t do a good job in putting the moisture on the face you get the ashed face and that’s no cute at all.

A while ago, I’ve reviewed the Mixas cleaning gel, cleaner milk, dd and cc cream. The reason why I’ve decided to change it up, before I have used to all Mixa’s product and I must go in search for new routine and products. In my Tester beauty box of December I got products that work perfect together for my skin. It has surprise me so much because I didn’t have high hopes at all.

For a while now, I was looking for cleansing oil for my face and I got one from the brand Uriage Xemoseis. What I love the most is that you can use it for cleansing your body too. The people who travel a lot that is ideal product. You have two products in one and a really small amount is enough for a hole face. I haven’t found nothing negative about the product. My skin is sensitive too and I didn’t experience any redness or itchiness I must say I was impressed. Texture of the product is very light, the smell is not too strong and it moisture my skin during the wash. The price of the product and store online is here, or here.

For taking out my makeup nowadays I use Geomar cleaning milk who has 77 % of Aloe Vera. This is an Italian brand. The smell of the product is nice and it’s not strong at all it is a very pleasant smell. This product has Eco certificate, Veganok and cosmos organic and I love that. Product texture is very light consistency. The only thing I didn’t like I needed to use a bit more product that I have used to. Over all, I really enjoy in it and I love it my skin after is smooth. Are you interested to buy this product? In Croatia is possible in a store like DM. I have a hard time to find this product online, for more info read here.

The most shocking product is my moisturizing cream. I got this product in my first Tester beauty box and when I read that is from head to toe I was like OK. The products name is Barnängen All Over Rescue Body Balm and the texture is really thick, I must say I was a bit scared for a moment but I need a good winter cream, especially this winter when my skin acts the most crazy. I didn’t get any redness nor itchiness, I couldn’t believe that worked so good with my skin and the smell is amazing. If you are type of people like me, that loves multipurpose product you need it, is essential in my opinion it will save your skin. You can oder it here.

In case, you have a dry and sensitive skin like me, you need to try this combination. Tell me in the comments below what type of skin do you have? Do you have some winter face routine? Did you try some of these products? If you did are you happy with the results?


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2 thoughts on “My winter face cares routine

  1. I need to check out some of these for sure. My skin is like the exorcist during the winter. It bounces from being great to dry, flaky, red and possessed. I’m also trying to transition all of my skincare products to vegan too.

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