Nails in January

I have noticed that my biggest inspiration is to do nail designs according of the weather. Sometimes I know to get my inspiration how I feel or some occasion. I didn’t mention that I’m not professional nail technician I just to it for me. I’ve learned it over the internet watching for example Suzie on YouTube reading a lot about it. I’m glad if you like my ideas. I hope you will find your inspiration or try the same design. In this particularly design I have used Moyra stamping No 36 and 09, Moyra stamping polish, little bit of rhinestones and Gelish.

I was going for some ice look because this weekend was so cold and snow is everywhere. On the other hand, I’m so glad because this month is also my B-day and I would love to have a snow on my day at least. I chose to do it with light gray, white, royal blue, holographic and metallic color. Are they cute?


Would you like that I do some ideas for B-days designs? Please leave it in commenting section below.

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