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Recently, NYX cosmetics has opened first of their store. Before, you could buy NYX product in Diviana cosmetics they also have online store. I was near original NYX store and I thought I could try some of their products because I have read just positive reviews.

 I was so excited to try new stuff. I bought foundation, mascara and eyeliner in mousse mat.

 I have had a really good feeling for foundation stay mat not flat, but I must say I was a bit disappointed. I’ll say why when I put it on my face it was OK, but after 30 minutes it has looked like I was had flour on my face. What has attracted to try? Definitively, the price. I currently use from Bourjois mix of two numbers 1 and 2 (Air Matt foundation) to get my color and one bottle of foundation from Bourjois costs approx. 14 €. I wanted to try some less expensive alternative. If you wonder why, you will need to wait some of the post in new 2017.

 NYX have many mascaras which I love because the brushes of mascara are different. I’m one of the lucky ones because I have natural long lashes, but I have a problem to find good mascara with a good brush so that my eyelashes do not stick (that’s look ugly). After 10 minutes of checking the brushes of mascara, I have chosen NYX Badunkadunk mascara I so far I am thrilled! The brush is fantastic for mine eyelashes they are super define without stickiness and lumps and they last all day long. Previously, I have used also from Bourjois mascara Volume Reveal. What I love about Volume Reveal because you have small mirror on mascara, but after a while I have small lumps under my eye and I don’t like that. When we are talking about price mascara from NYX is about 50% cheaper than Volume Reveal. NYX price is approx. 6,50 €.

 Gel eyeliner and smudger Betty I absolutely love this eyeliner because it is mat black color. I apply it with my eyeliner Real Techniques brushes and it makes my blue eyes more intensive. I discover when I put NYX base jumbo pencil (white color) and then I put eyeliner I have more control when I apply it. The price is approx. 8,30 €. I would say for now it is worth of my money definitively.

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