Overcome your fear and be fearless

This is the third lessons of my life. I know it has pasted quite some time from my last life lesson. But they will keep coming, no worries.

I challenge myself for the last two years because I have noticed that I have started to be so afraid what the future hold for me. Honestly, I don't like it. I remember as a child, I wasn't so afraid at all. I was quite a tomboy. As I have grown my inner-child started to disappear. When I have realized that, I was the final year of college. I have felt so empty inside me. I wasn't enjoying working in tourism anymore, after 12 years of education in that area, I have burned out.

I was so sad and lost. Then I started to giving more attention to photography, blog, social media and I started the YouTube channel. I felt a fire of passion after a while. This was my escape from tourism so I don't go completely crazy.

In other words, my dream has changed. I have a hard time to accept that. I need to rediscover myself. I felt that I have lost all those years for nothing and didn't do something that I truly enjoy.

Challenging myself was one of the best moves that I done for me.

That's the time when I have started to wake up my inner-child and be more fearless. After I have sing up for the gym, changes have happened and accepting. It is OK to have more than one dream you can figure it out who to manage everything if you really want it.

For me be fearless means to be free. To not be afraid of changes and life. To learn embrace it and live it the best way possible.

If you want hear more, click on the video. I hope you will enjoy watching it.


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