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After a very busy week, and a lot of thinking what I'll be writing next. I was very curious and want to make one post about top 10 most popular posts on my blog. I wanted to do that at my 20th post but 18th post is close enough. 

10. Trip to Verona

Trip to Verona – Info

It surprises me that my readers love this new posts about trip tips I'll definitely continue to write them.

9. The best products in 2015

The best products in 2015!

I did expat that this post will make through my top 10. Who doesn't like to make up !?

8. Mixa's gel & lotion

Mixa’s gel & lotion

I'm very glad that this post has made it in my top 10. I love this product and it is my top recommendation.

7. Autumn colors lipsticks

​ Autumn colors lipsticks

In 2015, this is my new part of everyday makeup and I'm lovin' it! 

6. Curly hair care

Curly hair care

Didn't expect that this post will be so high in my hint, but I love this post. I'm so proud for the first time in my life know the right way to take care of my hair.

5. Trip to Venice

Trip to Venice – Info

The first time that I was actually typing this kind of post.

4. Mixa Cleansing milk review

Mixa Cleansing Milk review

Love this product and it is my first product of Mixa brand.

3. Beauty box

Beauty box !

I'm so glad for this post for the rate so good it's one of my favourites first posts.

2. My first post

My first post

Apparently intro is one of the most important things.

  1. My autumn look

My autumn look

This post that is on the first place is absolutely my biggest surprise. I would never say that this is the post with the highest hint!


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