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Time fly fast, once again it has come to the post of your choice. I must admit I was a bit of surprise that you wanted to know more about Island of Krk. What you should know about this island? For start it is one of the biggest islands in Croatia and also very well connected. By that I mean you can come by plane, boat, ferry, bus, car or bike. Did you know that bridge which connect island with a mainland has the largest reinforced concrete arch in the world. There is a thesis that in the Middle Ages there was a wooden bridge that connected the island with the mainland in that time famous family Frankopani have had possessions on the island as well in Novi Vinodolski, Trsat (town of Rijeka) etc. Near by, the bridge is a small airport (Airport Rijeka), do not let the name Rijeka confuse you wan’t be in the town of Rijeka you will be on the island. In the last couple of years a lot of people come by plane on the island and go explore the island by bike we have a lot of cycling paths all over the island. If you are planning to be only in one place, then you can pay a taxi to bring you to the  booked accommodation ( I have put some hyperlinks if you want my suggestions).

Hidden sunset of the #KrkIsland…

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Omišalj is the first place after the bridge and in the history known as first place that has have inhabitants Romans in the place Mirine with you can visit and in the high season every year they have an event antique kitchen. Nowadays, people live in a hill from the beach looks very nice, but you need to have in mind that you will be at least 1 km from the beach and if you like trekking I think that would be ideal exercise.

Njivice are small fishermen village and today they are one of most popular place for young families to have their summer holidays. It was mentioned for the first time in written sources in 1474. in Prince Ivan (John) Frankonpan the VII’s deed of donation. You can go by foot or with a bike all the way to the next place on the island (Malinska) by the coast road.

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Malinska is the next place next place on the island if you are interested in seeing monetary in Porat I highly recommend it. I’ll suggest Malinska more for young people if they want to go out at nigh, but do not expect anything special just in local night bars.

Krk is like “main” city on the island and you have a lot of historical monuments to see especially the old town. I have mentioned before the family Frankopan they have a huge influence in a history of the island, they have also a big respect for everything that they have done. To me is interesting if you want to drink coffee on the unique place is café bar Volsonis this is café/some kind of the museum because you can see the remains of Roman history.

Planning tips:

  • Airline companies that landing on Airport Rijeka – RYANAIR, norwegian, airBaltic, Trade Air, Sky Work, Croatia Airlines, airberlin, nordica lot, germanwings
  • Toll for bridge – normal car is 35 kn (cca. 4,76 €) for enter and exit

Did you have ever been on the Island of Krk?


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