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As you all know, every month I post one post of your choice. I’m so happy that you are voting each month and I really appreciate that. For this month you have chosen my Valentine gift. Also, my BF is very supportive of my blog and basically everything that I’m doing.

When you get this on a Valentine's Day. What do you think?

Posted by Marcella's Mind on 17. veljače 2017

My fist impression when I saw a gift I was so happy and you aren’t going to believe it few years earlier he saw this product on FB and sent me demo of this product (Sigma Dry’N Shape Spa) and I was OMG I must have that. Unfortunately, it can past a lot of time that some things comes in a market of my country and shipping can be very pricey. Frankly, thank God I had dirty makeup brushes if I didn’t have I’d wash them again that impatient I was to try this product. Even though I saw review on a lot of blogs and vlogs love this product I must see for myself. First, that I love about it is you are able to remove bases, then you have a few different textures (face and eyes) to wash, refine and rise. I really like after a washing my brushes I don’t have to worry that my brushes will lose the shapes and you can put up to 18 brushes. How can you not love it!? I notice one drawback for my thin RT eyeliner brushes they have only one shape of that thin hole, but it’s OK, it’s not that disappointed because over all to me this is very handy especially if you travel a lot like I do. I’ve almost forgotten mentioned that I even clean my sponge with this product, I found out that you really can deep clean your sponge if you are interesting I’ll write the post about it and record how I do it or put photos. Let me know in the comment below.

For a while now a lot of you have maybe tried silicone sponge, apparently a lot of people love it and they promised that is the best thing ever. When I so that sponge I was OK this is going to be interesting and later that same day, I must try this out to see what is so special about it. I’ll say this product can really save a good amount of the foundation if you’re using makeup every single day. Also, you’ll gonna need some time to adjust to a silicon sponge. If I have a time I’ll use it, but if I’m in the hurry I’d put my makeup with my brushes because to me that is a faster, then a regular or silicone sponge. Over all I like how it looks on me when I put the makeup on.Post of choice March 1

This winter I started to use lipsticks, I never liked wear them because I didn’t have a confidence to be in public with my lipstick on specially if the lipstick was red. I must admit that I love dark matte lipsticks. You can imagine my face when I looked lipstick by freedom in darker color. I was surprised that isn’t so dark you must make 2-3 layers if you wanted the same color as it is on the product design.  If you are all the out you’re going to want to refresh your lips for sure. Over all it is a good product, but I’m a fan of NXY lipsticks 100% because they have to me stronger pigmentation and stays all day on my lips so I don’t have to worry of refresh.

Last, but not the least marzipan wax that is a wax for an electric candle thing, but the smell is so nice. I really love it. That is all I can say about that product while I don’t own electric dish for wax candle. In the end, I would appreciate if you are wiling to vote for new post of the choice that is going to be next month. The voting is completely anonymous so, you don’t have to be shy or worry that I’m going to see for which answer you have chosen. Let me know your thought if you have tried some of these products? Which one is your favorite?

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Until, next time XOXO

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