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In the beginning of this month I have put one poll out for one week that you get a chance to pick out post about what would you like to read about. Even you all have been very very shy, you have picked out post about what WordPress plugin you must have in my opinion.

 Before I start talking about plugins, I wanted to point out that first you should choose a good theme and font for your blog. Don’t let you fool, and think that is not a problem how hard can it be to find a good theme!? Trust me it isn’t that easy. Of course if you know PHP you can easy make your own theme in WordPress, but you have also a wide choice of free theme that you can choose from. After you have done that, you can start thinking about plugins. The commenting section is very important to a blog if you want to read a feedback from your post.


After a long investigation I choose to put SOCIAL COMMENTS, you have also one more good plug in and that is POSTMATIC SOCIAL COMMENTING. Only thing I would say it is negative about Social Comments is that Twitter users can’t comment your post, and that is the main reason I am planning to put instead POSTMATIC SOCIAL COMMENTING. Plus the followers can log in through twitter account too, nowadays people have Facebook, G mail or WordPress is not so dramatic. One more note for SOCIAL COMMENTS, when you make APP and copy APP ID you need to go in the settings for turning on notification for FB. Please, if you want me to do one tutorial about that leave it in comment section below.

Content Protection

How many of you did ask your self how can I protect my content from copy and image stealing? I didn’t see that much of suggestions to I would be smart to have this plugin. I think that every blogger should have this. I don’t say that some of them wouldn’t open a note and retype some of your post but it will happened less. One more thing I love about this you can put manually how you want to protect your content and image, of course plugin name is CONTENT COPY PROTECTION & PREVENT IMAGE SAVE.

 Security – Auditing, Malware

You may notice that I love protect well my work, but who doesn’t!? Did you have any experience of hacking your blog? Lucky me, I didn’t. The point is that you never now for sure. This will tell you when someone what to enter in your blog my which name and password code. You will be surprised when on your mail start to receive that kind of notification. Highly suggest installing SUCURI SECURITY-AUDITING, MALWARE SCANNER AND HARDENING.

Editorial Calendar

I have searched for this plugin for a while. Most of the bloggers have their planners I have it too. I also wanted to have one in my blog and it’s super easy to use. You can drag your drafts by the date as you wish and schedule them. It is so much easier when you have big calendar in front of you. If you are interested in this search for WORDPRESS EDITORIAL CALENDAR.

Social Media

In my opinion nowadays the social media re big part of any business and you must be active on all of them that your followers don’t think you don’t care about them. I have discovered this recently when the other plugin for social media has some bug to fix. I decided to leave this tuned because I like it so much. You can put below of your post that people can like, tweet, etc. also you can put your social media for sharing, you can see it on the sidebar and when you scroll to the end of the post you get pop-up window that people can follow you and so on. This plugin you can also put your newsletters, but I didn’t try it. Still interesting to try this plugin? Type ULTIMATE SOCIAL MEDIA PLUS.

Pinterest Pin It Button

I think that today is really good to have this plugin because we all have a Pinterest and it is so much easier to pin something with this button. I love when applications like this have that you can costume colors and so on.

Push Notifications

I recently met with the proposed new ideas with a website and after a bit of research I decided to go a step further with its. When you actually think about it how many of you have one email just for subscribers and you never open new post from some of the bloggers? Instead, you can install this and your subscribers can get notification via browsers and mobile isn’t this cool. The best part is that application is absolutely free no limit. You need to make an account and follow the instructions which are very detailed. When you write a post and schedule it you will see in your post editor OneSignal there is the second best part is that notification goes automatic and you have your own analytic. Be my guest and install OneSignal Push Notifications.

If you are serious blogger you will also have SEO and Backup so think about it too. For SEO you will be needing a little bit more time to read about it and how to make your own settings so don’t be afraid. Just do it 😉

I really hope that in this post you have found something helpful for you to bring your blog in higher level or give you some ideas that you’re will to think about. Need to have an open mind. I was so excited when I wrote about this, I really like when you are picking theme for my post. Please, don’t be shy to vote again or suggest something else, I will as well put the poll on social media. The voting is completely anonymously in case you didn’t know.

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