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At least once you have been in situation that you must make some dessert for the guest and you don’t have a lot of time or you don’t want spent in the kitchen all day baking some dessert. I have found my favorite dessert for that occasions. It is a brownie with a coconut or you can have just brownie without cocoas if you don’t like it.

Quick dessert is one of my top favorites

Posted by Marcella's Mind on 8. svibnja 2017

I have make this dessert on Christmas and Easter and everyone loved it.


Ingrediens that you will be needing are:

300 gr chocolate ( min 50 % cocoa)

130 gr butter

4 eggs

100 gr sugar

100 gr flour


4 Egg whites

100 gr coconut

1 burbons of vanilla sugar

50 gr of sugar

First you need melt chocolate and butter on steam, then mix eggs with a sugar until they become pale and dense. Add melted chocolate and butter mix it all together after that add flour and mix all at once in the end.

Make sure that your oven is heated on 180C. Put the baking tray (I use the refractory container) 24×24 cm with baking paper. Dissolve the mixture into the mold, sprinkle the kettle twice on the surface of the work surface to get air bubbles and bake for 20 minutes if you are doing classic chocolate. If you want coconut brownies bake around 15 min.

Coconut coating:

Mix the egg whites until they become foamy, add the sugar gradually and mix until you get a dense and shiny mixture.

Add the coconut and vanilla to the egg whites and mix with the spatulas manually.

After 15 minutes, remove the brownie base, grate it with a mixture of egg whites and coconut and return to the oven for another 10 minutes until lightly melted.

Enjoy in your quick dessert 😉


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2 thoughts on “Quick dessert

  1. This really looks delicious but I wish my egg white allergy did not exist. I will be trying it without the coating and thank you for the recipe.

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