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The reason, why I haven’t written so much lately is that I have been working on my room makeover. I think it would be one more post about room makeover because I have left a bit of material, I’ll see. Do you know that feeling when you want to change something, but you don’t have or don’t want to spend a lot of money. I have been in that situation. I didn’t do anything about my room last 10 years maybe more. When, we have moved from flat to the house we haven’t a lot of money so I bought really cheap room (in that point I went to 7th grade of elementary school – BTW in my country we have 8th grades of elementary school, then we go to the high school). Now I have finished my university and I decided to change a bit things.

Because I don’t need so much shelf’s for books and stuff and my room isn’t so big. On the other hand, I really wanted a big bed, I had until now single bed and I was sick and tired of it. My first thought was OK what I can do about that wish and make it the most of it, then has crossed my mind word pallets. Of course, you have so many tutorials about how to make a bed from pallets. The coolest thing about them you can costume them in various way and make suite your needs the best if you are willing to put in a little work. In my makeover I have used four pallets 120 cm x 80 cm, I wanted a bed sizes 160 cm x 200 cm.

I’m so sorry that I don’t have pictures of the room before, I wasn’t at home when my dad has started with a makeover. Basically, I have similar room to this one:

Prima store

You will see that I’ve used some elements of my old room because I could use it and make it different so I got more space. From two shelfs, I put one on a wall and other I use that I can costume bigger table (from two planks I made costume table in L shape) for my laptop and then I do my nails that I have more space for stuff. If you are wondering what is a process of doing pallet bed. You must be careful which quality are these pallets, I used EU pallets for making furniture (one time used before). First step, is that you measure and make some kinds of guide have you want to look your bed. Second step, is to make these pallets smoothest as possible so you don’t have a mess in the bedroom. I have to use sanded paper 180 grids, it has taken for four pallets about 45 minutes. Third step is if you want a paint your bed in some color or not. I have put one coat of white varnish for wood. It took 2 hours for trying, but the smell of varnish was so strong that I have decided to leave it one more day so the smell despaired.  As you know you have various solution how to connect your pallet bed. I’ve used moldings from one old beach umbrella and connect it with screw. Last step is if you don’t have a carpet in your bedroom like me, I use leftover from one terrace carpet and stapled it to the feet of pallets or you can buy a carpet.

Finally, I god my big bed and it looks like this:

Do you make some DIY in the house? What do you thin about my new bed? Happy Friday everyone!

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