Shea moisture JBCO line – yes or no?

I know that have been a while since I have written some beauty review on some products. I’ve had mine ups and downs, but about that I’ll write about in another upcoming post. Frankly, I’ve forgotten that I never wrote a review about Shea Moisture products that I have. I decided to start with products from JBCO line that I have.

Shea moisture JBCO line - yes or no? 1

I was so happy when first I found the way to get my hands-on this product because from where I come it is almost impossible to get to this brand. I really hope for the future that Shea Moisture will be able to buy in stores. So, from JBCO (Jamaican Black Cator Oil) line I have: leave-in conditioner, shampoo and strengthen & restore treatment masque. Those were my go to product when I have started to take care of my hair properly. In case, you’re wondering why this line? Because I have problems with dandruff as longest I can remember. I know they have line for that, I really like ingredients from this line like, peppermint, apple cider vinegar, Shea butter and of course Jamaican black castor oil.

I use shampoo  on my hair every two weeks to remove product build up and it cleans my scalp perfectly, a little go a long way for sure I have it like six months and the bottle is almost full! The consistency is really watery and you need to be careful when you are putting in your hand. Most of the people have said that the smell reminded them of play doh, but I do not mind if the products do the job! When, the shampoo started to lather I can feel that my scalp starts to “breath” again. I really would recommend this product especially if you have chemically treated hair.

I’ve never in my life before this bought some deep conditioner or in this case masque. Only sometimes then I would book an appointment to the hairdresser, then they would do some kinds of treatment for my hair, and I know how bad this sounds I really do. This strengthen & restore treatment masque bring my hair to life every time I use it (once a week), and I do have naturally dry hair. The consistency of masque is definitively thicker and a little also go a long way! I always leave it in my hair for like 15 min in a cap. I have heard a lot of good review of the originally first line Raw Shea Butter, I really hope I’ll find a way to try it too.

Leave-in conditioner is the key in curly hair life. The first thing that I love about it is the size! Then, has cross my mind I’ll probably run of it fast, I was so wrong. Nothing makes me so happy when you bought something and you know that you won’t need it to buy it soon. Value for money is as much important for me. I must say the leave-in is a bit on the watery side, but it has a lot of slip and is easy to apply it. If you don’t have any styling products you can just go with this leave-in. In case, you don’t have a thick hair it won’t pull your hair down and I love that about this product.

Together this line is winner for me, I absolutely love it! This is not a sponsor post, all products I’ve bought by myself. Which is your favourite hair brand? What kind of hair you got? Does somebody love their curly hair? Let me know in comments bellow!

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6 thoughts on “Shea moisture JBCO line – yes or no?

  1. I never heard of this brand… My favourites are John Frieda and Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure. Then I have serums and masks I apply every now and then.. and i tend to alter those, at the moment I am using one by L’oreal Botanicals


    1. I have heard a lot of good things brand John Frieda for curly hair. I need to try it out. For the first time today I have seen these lines of products and I was at the temptation to buy it, but first I need to spend the products I have. 😀

    1. That was my type of hair in the beginning of education ,how do I need to take care of my curly hair 😀 I’ll highly recommend you to try out these products because of them my life a lot easier on the day of washing my hair. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review – I’m looking for a new shampoo/conditioner that cleans my hair & scalp but doesn’t leave it dried out!

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