The best products in 2015!

However, I want to thank you to all of the readers and subscribers! I hope that I will improve more my blog in new 2016!
So, let me begging with my favorites products of 2015... 😎 😀

Skin car - Mixa products

For me, the skin care is something that is the most critic and I'm paying a lot of intentions.
At the end of 2015, I've discovered the new products for me and my sensitive dry skin that I was fall in love with. The First product that I've bought of Mix a brand is Cleansing Milk. After a while, I wanted to try more Mixa products and bought Cleansing Gel and Purifying Lotion. It has had me blown away how good my skin reacts on Mixa products and that is my absolute high point of discovering the top product in 2015. I've already made the review for Mixa Cleansing Milk, and I'm planning the same thing do with gel & lotion in the future.

Makeup brushes - RT

In 2015, I've had decided to improve my collection of the makeup brushes. Before I've RT-brushesordered RT brushes, I was searching for the best reviews in online and offline marketing. So, when my brand new brushes have come, that was the day when the old makeup brushes were long history (but I still love them). These collections of the brushes right now are best for me and my makeup. I can blend with them, apply till perfection and they are so soft. My new love are Real Techniques brushes!

Blush - Aura

In last beauty box from TESTER, I have got this blush. AURA is a new brand in Croatia you can't buy it in the regular drugstore. For now, you can buy it only online by The candy color is good to my skin tone, the only minus is a price. 😕 Overall, the blush stays all day long on your face so you don't have to go fix it. I can buy blush of similar brand and quality is pretty much the same but you get more quantity for the same price. I'll also give you the full review in on of the further posts…

Lipsticks - Avon & Barry M

One of the best investments that I have made are the lipsticks from AVON & BARRY M (magic lipstick). These two products have become one of the most important things in my daily makeup. I'm working in an office I must always look professional like my makeup. You can read more about these products in the following link.

Perfumes - Channel & Blueberry

These perfumes are my top for a long time now, not just in 2015. This is my big recommendation. I wouldn't treat the for nothing! I'm always looking for sales when I need the new bottle. See more on this link.

products od 2015

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